About Me

I am a passionate healthy living advocate, wellness coach, aspiring yoga teacher, food blogger, recovering tech start-up workaholic, and owner of Coco’s Wellness. My business came about after a youth fraught with an unhealthy food relationship and a car accident that put into perspective the sacredness of my body and health.

Recovering from physical injuries of all types is hard. If you’re not fueling your body with healthy food and engaging in gentle, reformative exercise, it’s even harder. Coco’s Wellness is place that encourages all-around, holistic healing no matter where you’re at in life. It’s simpler, easier, and more rewarding than you ever thought possible.

I believe so strongly that our bodies are a temple, and Coco’s Wellness is here to make that realization possible for you. For everyone, I share recipes, advice, and support on living a healthy and wellness focused life. For those recovering from injuries, I also share what exercises and treatment plans worked for me.

Don’t let it take a car accident, diagnosis, or whatever it may be, to make you start nourishing your body. It’s capabilities are priceless, and it deserves the respect, love, and time to do everything you’ve ever dreamed of doing!

Follow along as I train for my Yoga Teacher Certification, study for my Nutritional Therapy Consultant certification, and develop 1:1 health coaching, yoga exercise programs, weekly meal plans, and more!