Have a Beautiful Weekend

Happy Saturday, everyone! We’re on day nine (10?) of continuous rain here in Amsterdam, but I’m not letting that cramp my weekend. I have farmers market, hot yoga, spring cleaning, baking, afternoon tea, and reading on my agenda. And I’m dreaming of the sun shining through my windows some time soon, like in the photo above…

Here are some weekend links for you:

The dough for these goodies is chilling in the refrigerator as I type. If they turn out well, expect a blog post!

I’m currently reading this book and love the raw authenticity. The focus is on how every body, and spine in particular, is too different for us to be striving for “perfect” form in yoga. It feels especially applicable to me given my injuries. I’ll do a more thorough write-up once I’ve read more!

My sister brought these when she visited from America, and I’m so glad she left them for me to finish! No shells, roasted, and the perfect amount of sea salt. My go-to snack this week.

I’ve been loving the mindbodygreen podcast for awhile. Episode #92 on brain health is a must listen.

I discovered a wonderful new vegan Youtube channel. Always feels like I hit the jackpot with a ton of new content and recipes to digest!

Thoroughly impressed by this. I’ve been testing for a few months after coming across startling research describing the prevalence of magnesium deficiency. It seems to be helping my sleep and anxiety. A win in my eyes!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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